Meet the Doc:

Dr Khoa grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles.  He studied undergrad at UCLA and went on to receive a Doctorate in Chiropractic with the Honors of Magna Cum Laude.  He was also honored with the Clinic Excellence Award in his graduating class for always going the extra mile for others.

Dr. Khoa has a big heart and is naturally a giver.  Along with his free-spirited thinking, openmindedness, and holistic approach to life, Chiropractic is the perfect vehicle for him to serve humanity.

Dr Khoa enjoys traveling and exploring exotic destinations, indulging in culture and good food.  In his leisure time, you’ll either find him with a book, meditating, or doing his daily movement exercises.

There is arguably nothing more liberating than when you get checked and adjusted, properly and specifically.  And Dr. Khoa wishes nothing more than for everyone to experience this feeling for themselves.


Love and Gratitude.

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